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A provider of online technical support on an outsourcing basis. The firm’s high-quality services improve the satisfaction of clients and increase their brand loyalty. Marketed under the "OneClick Service" brand, services include remote PC support, performance acceleration, virus removal, and SW reinstallation. During the short time it has been in business, the company has forged partnerships with such firms as Centrum.cz, Comfor Stores, the Chamber of Real Estate Agents, and others.

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Since its establishment in February 2011, the firm has been operating in the Czech Republic, Slovakia, and Hungary. A plan is currently in the works to expand to Poland, Germany, and Austria. The company's mission is to seek out and create products that provide clients with tangible benefits as regards both savings and investments. The key product is ELECTRONIC AUCTION, an effective instrument that allows comparing current prices charged by suppliers and guarantees that clients get the best possible price under entirely transparent terms thanks to the aggregated volume and competitive nature of auctions.

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Designeros.com is the first global shopping mall that allows designers and artists to present and sell their works and, at the same time, to receive direct feedback from design and art aficionados. Thanks to its exclusive nature, Designeros.com is the only global portal where designers can build their reputation and brand awareness in order to find clients around the world. The portal provides lovers of design and art with direct access to original works. Apart from viewing individual creations, they can also get to know designers through personal presentations where authors describe the ideas behind their work.

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Jobote is the first referral hiring tool of its kind in the Czech Republic, providing companies a cloud-based and cost effective means of hiring using the social networks of their employees. With custom branded adverts and referral incentives we motivate employees to find "trusted talent" – hires who will last longer in each company because they're a better fit for the company's culture. Jobote significantly speeds up the hiring process by reducing on boarding times and turning employees into social recruiters.